Who We Are

Clinics Can Help is a respected, registered, not-for-profit agency that accepts the donation of durable medical equipment and supplies then redistributes those items to people who need them but may not be able to afford them.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients include people from communities throughout Palm Beach County and beyond who find us when they need us. Through an in-depth network of partners and supporters, we receive referrals from free clinics, local hospitals, and more than 20 medical agencies in Palm Beach County alone. Information providers, such as 211, also refer clients to Clinics Can Help. However, a significant majority of our clients come to us via word-of-mouth recommendations.

How Does the Process Work?

Clients fill out simple paperwork that allows Clinics Can Help to track who uses our services and why, then our staff lends out the equipment from our warehouse located at our West Palm Beach headquarters. Clinics Can Help staff members conduct periodic check-ups with clients to ensure the equipment is still being used and that they are satisfied.

Where Do We Get Our Equipment?

Donations of equipment are also generated through referrals. Our corporate partners learn of Clinics Can Help through the media, our funders, and our medical partners. Over the years, we have received new and used durable medical equipment and supplies from individuals, medical supply companies, hospitals, schools, and the “lending closets” of other nonprofits.

Our Story

Our History

CCH was established in 2005 when hospice nurse Owen O’Neill recognized both the need to recycle medical equipment that was no longer needed and the ever increasing number of people who would greatly benefit from its availability. More calls, clients, donations and support led to the official formation of the 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. O’Neill left his hospice position to become Chief Executive Officer of Clinics Can Help, where he continues to spearhead its growth and development.

From humble beginnings in a modest storage locker, CCH has grown to operate a warehouse, employ a team of more than a dozen people, and to serve more than 1,000 people in Palm Beach County and beyond each year. As CCH continues to grow its reputation for effectively recycling medical equipment and efficiently distributing it among families in need, the organization now receives equipment from a growing list of local hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical agencies.

Since its inception, CCH has become a reputable, highly valued and respected part of the healthcare continuum for thousands of children and adults, as well as their families and caregivers.

Why are we called 'Clinics Can Help'?

“As a hospice nurse, people wanted me to do something with the wheelchairs and home hospital beds that were left when their loved ones passed away. Looking at these items reminded them of the pain and suffering their family members had endured, but I knew how desperate other people were for that very equipment.

I offered the items to medical clinics serving patients with limited incomes and little to no insurance. These free/low-cost clinics were the first outlets for the donated equipment, so the new service was called Clinics Can Help. Since then, of course, we’ve grown beyond just clinics, but people already recognized us by that name…and it stuck!”Owen O'Neill

Our Reputation

Clinics Can Help is proud to be recognized by the following accreditation agencies for our service excellence and operational transparency:

Our Financials

We take fiscal responsibility and transparency very seriously. We are pleased to share our financial statements and Form 990s with the public: