Behind every donated item we share, is the real, human story of a person we have helped and a life that has changed for the better…

“You took the time to care by asking about my son Casey’s condition. Then, with your knowledge, you began to give us more than we asked for. You said you will need this and that, etc. I was both overwhelmed with everything that was needed and keep thinking: “How much this is going to cost?” I pulled out my checkbook, but you said it would cost me nothing! I cried. No-one in my life has ever cared to offer us help for free. Clinics Can Help does help!”

– Barry Bicknell

“Clinics Can Help is an advocate for people with disabilities and for all people in need of medical equipment and supplies.”

– Mary Cay Martin

“Clinics Can Help made it possible for my daughter to go back to school.”

– Astrid Amaya

“This was DeJesus’s first time standing in an upright position in over 6 months. Thank you!”

– Denise Lilly, Caregiver

“As the parent of a child with special needs, I know how hard it can be to get the equipment needed to assist my son. We want Clinics Can Help to continue to help members of our community so everyone can benefit from their amazing services!”

– Jennifer, Mother

“On behalf of the faculty and students of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, I want to thank you for your donation of the four exam tables for the Port St. Lucie campus. This is so wonderful. Thank you for your generous and important gifts. We certainly appreciate it.”

– Anne Boykin, PhD, RN, Dean of Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

“I could not have managed without the hospital bed or Hoyer lift. My husband is at the end of his life and this made his care manageable for him and for me.”

– Florence Hecht, Caregiver

“The shower seat Clinics Can Help provided immensely improved my dad’s life. The organization needs more publicity.”

– Mike Gizewski, Caregiver

“The equipment for my daughter enables her to be transported easily and I could not have got it for her through Medicaid. Clinics Can Help also gave us helpful information about other services which have helped me and my daughter. You guys are amazing.”

– Rachel Mohlman, Caregiver

“Thanks to the hospital bed my son can now sleep at night. I could not have purchased this bed.”

– Vanessa Carswell, Caregiver

“When I was in the hospital, I heard about Clinics Can Help. Due my finances and insurance I could not have survived without the help. I received an oxygen concentrator and walker and would not be here today without this equipment.”

– Michael Hunter, Client

“The nebulizer saved my life a couple of times. With the attacks I had I would not have gotten to the hospital in time without the nebulizer. Thank for your service…more people need to know about Clinics Can Help.”

– Jacqueline Beane, Client

“Clinics Can Help was there for our family when we really needed help. I cannot rave enough about this organization and just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of our mother, Anna Smith, and our entire family.”

-Kerri C. Smith, client