Donate Items

At the heart of our work is the medical equipment we receive as donations. The need in the community is great and we constantly seek donations of equipment to maintain a good selection for our clients.

We accept all sorts of equipment but here are some guidelines…

To be most useful to our clients, equipment must be:

  • In new, good, or easy-to-repair condition
  • Reasonably clean
  • Meet quality control and safety standards

For donations of large durable medical equipment (DME), such as power chairs, lifts and hospital beds, please contact us for free pickup. Smaller equipment and supplies may be dropped off at our physical location at 2560 Westgate Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.

Please contact us directly to arrange pick-up at your convenience.

From Individuals

Most of our items are donated by people just like you. Many donors have had their items covered by insurance. When they no longer need these items, they are pleased to see them used again by somebody less fortunate than they are.

Let us know what items you have to share with others in your community.

From Organizations

Clinics Can Help started by working with healthcare centers to help their clients. We continue this tradition by partnering with a network of clinics, hospitals, community nonprofits, and service organizations to secure the equipment we need.

Partner with us to create a network of givers.

From Estates

When family members pass away, their relatives sometimes find solace in the fact that the equipment their loved one used can be re-purposed to help someone else. Please contact us and let us know what items you have to share.

Has someone in your family passed away or no longer needs a piece of medical equipment?