Let’s Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

Did you know that April is Occupational Therapy (OT) month? That makes it a great time to salute these highly trained healthcare professionals who make a difference in the quality of life of every patient.

But, do you know the role of an OT?

According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website, OTs are trained to help clients, groups, and communities manage physical and mental health needs, develop healthy and effective daily routines to promote well-being and learn to utilize strategies to navigate life stress.

Many of our CCH clients utilize the services of OTs to assist navigating their environments and creating tools to help them with activities of daily living and self-care regimes, such as using a shower chair or other adaptive equipment. OTs are even pros at assessing issues with eating, feeding, and swallowing, and can recommend special utensils that make things easier and safer if needed!

These incredible professionals are a great resource when it comes to troubleshooting and preventing any additional risk of injury in your home, work, or school environment. They look at balance deficits and fall risks and can be instrumental to family members and caregivers.

We’ve touched on just a few of the many things OTs can do. The list could go on forever though! This month, if you see an OT, be sure to tell them how grateful you are for all they do!