Disability Pride Month

I recently became aware that July is Disability Pride Month. As an individual with a disability, I embrace everyday challenges as well as strive to support those around me. This topic gives me a perfect segway to share my passion for advocacy and awareness with different communities. What does it mean to be proud and have ownership of one’s disabilities or abilities? From my perspective, I appreciate and acknowledge all the warriors around me that get up every day and navigate the daily challenges that life brings. Regardless of the type of disability you’re faced with, extra challenges and hurdles are a constant part of life. Whether you are navigating from a wheelchair, need support from other people, require assistive technology, or battle with physiological or communication barriers, the disability community understands and supports each other from a common perspective.

People with disabilities are special and should be celebrated and acknowledged for the courage and strength they possess in overcoming limitations. In many cases, we learn about these champions as they are competing in various sports with physical or cognitive disabilities. There are many ways people with different abilities show courage, whether playing basketball from a wheelchair, pursuing higher education, or learning to drive and walk again.

Programs like Clinics Can Help and additional support groups aid in bringing us together to educate individuals and support those with various needs in different ways. These organizations should also be celebrated as a main contributor to the enhancement of the lives of those with disabilities. These victories do not happen in isolation.

The families and surrounding communities are vital to the success and increasing the quality of life of those with a disadvantage. I am proud to be a part of this community. Participating and embracing our special differences and supporting those around us. From sharing experiences, volunteering, educating and fundraising, we can continue to enhance the lives of everyone touched by disabilities. Please share your experience and knowledge with everyone, regardless of ability, so when someone encounter a challenge they will know they have support and a community by their side to help them.