Travel Tips for Special Needs Children

Even if you weren’t a scout growing up, you probably learned as a parent it’s always good to be prepared, particularly when traveling with children. And if your family includes a child with special needs, or any of you use medical equipment, a few extra moments packing can save lots of time later — regardless of if you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile!

Here are ten of our top travel tips:

1. Bring an extra supply of prescription medications. Put them in a Ziploc bag along with your doctors’ and pharmacy’s phone numbers written inside the bag. 

2. Print a paper list (and keep a copy on your phone) of all current medications. Keep it in another location from the bag of medicines, like the glove compartment or your wallet.

3. Be sure to pack extra chargers for all devices, adaptive equipment, and backup batteries for other devices.

4. Bring activities in separate pouches to keep children of all ages entertained since happy children travel better.

5. Pack plenty of non-perishable snacks, ensuring they are suitable for all traveling members in case of allergies.

6. Bring extra blankets or a yoga mat if you need to create a temporary changing station quickly.

7. Noise-canceling headphones or AirPods are always helpful if too much stimulation triggers undesirable behavior.

8. Prepare a small bag of basic tools like an Allen or Channellock wrench and heavy-duty zip ties in case your child’s equipment needs minor repairs.

9. Be sure your Diastat® gel for seizures or EpiPens® for allergic reactions are up-to-date and appropriately stored in case they are needed for emergencies.

10. Check for pharmacies and medical facilities in the area you will visit in case of an emergency. Bring your healthcare insurance information cards and phone numbers.

Bonus Tip #11: HAVE FUN!

Enjoy the journey and make some great family memories.