Tips to Prevent Falling and What to Do If a Fall Happens

We all know the risks of someone, especially the elderly, falling and injuring themselves. An important way to help prevent falls is knowing the best ways to help someone be mobile. We’ve put together a few tips here that we hope you will save and use when needed.

• When preparing to have someone stand, have them scoot to the edge of their seat. If a walker or other walking device is needed, be sure that it is directly in front of the person.
• Have their feet less than a 90-degree angle under the chair to stabilize.
• Use a gait belt to guide you both and lead them to their walking device stably.
• Be sure to use the proper walking assistant device. From canes to walkers, there is a variety based on the person’s balance and stability needs.

Should you encounter a fall situation, here are steps to prevent further damage.
• Be sure to check there are no serious injuries before you move them.
• Have the person sit up and stabilize before standing up.
• If there is a chair close by, have them put both hands on the chair for support.
• Use the gait belt to help to the kneeling position.
• Bring the stronger leg up first and push off the ground with the hands on the chair for support.

If you have a fall with no chair around, please follow these steps.
• Again, ensure there is no serious injuries before moving the person.
• Help them sit up on the ground with both feet in front of them.
• Cross their arms in front of their chest and secure your arms under their shoulders.
• Bring their dominant leg forward roll them upward to a standing position being sure to go slowly so they stabilize.