Medical Mr. Fix-it

Former aerospace manufacturer invents sensor to keep seniors safe.

For as long as Palm Beacher Jim Reidy can remember, he’s been fascinated by how machines work.

“I’ve always had an intuitively mechanical mind,” said the 62-year-old. “Bikes, radios, lawnmowers, automobiles — when I was a kid, I would always want to take them apart to see how they operated and then put them back together.”

But perhaps where he’s had the biggest impact — and is most in his element — is when he’s volunteering his “fix-it” talents to Clinics Can Help— a charitable West Palm Beach facility whose mission is to redistribute gently used and donated surplus medical equipment and supplies to children and adults in need.

Reidy has been CCH’s voluntary “on-call” repairman since December — when he entered the newly expanded CCH warehouse to donate some equipment and noticed “they didn’t have anyone in there to fix anything.”

“It’s been wonderful to have Jim and his expertise here at Clinics Can Help,” said CCH founder and CEO Owen O’Neill. “He is a great asset to our team of volunteers and really believes in the work

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