Help Us Give the Gift of Dignity

Unprecedented. Unusual. Unrecognizable. These are just a few words that could describe 2020. But here are a few more – Supportive. Collaborative. Inspiring.

During a year like no other, Clinics Can Help has continued to keep its doors open, serving clients whose needs have not disappeared because the world has changed.

  • Students, like Tristan, needed a manual wheelchair to confidently join his classmates on a trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Babies, like Dustin, needed a safe crib to reduce his risk of succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Children, like Parker (pictured), needed equipment that gives him dignity, mobility and independence.

Their stories were your success. Because of donors, like you, Clinics Can Help kept our Equipment Warehouse open and assisted neighbors in need during a pandemic. Next year, with your help, we can continue this important work.

End-of-year giving is a win-win.

  • You win by taking advantage of the tax deductions for giving to nonprofit organizations. If you itemize your taxes, rather than taking the standard deduction, you can include monetary gifts or the value of donated items given to Clinics Can Help on your 2020 tax returns. Donations to charitable organizations are well-known deductions. Ask your tax preparer for more details. Clinics Can Help can supply you with a donation receipt and our 501c3 status for your records.
  • Clients of Clinics Can Help win! With your support, we can operate our West Palm Beach headquarters with professional and courteous staff, maintain our trucks for deliveries and pick-ups, and provide new or refurbished equipment that many families simply cannot afford without help.

“Our donors, funders and supporters make our existence possible, and because we exist, thousands of residents don’t have to worry about where to find life-changing medical equipment and supplies,” said Owen O’Neill, CEO of Clinics Can Help. “This year, please help us keep giving the gift of dignity. It’s a present that everyone loves.”

Giving is easy. Simply click on to our Donate page and purchase a true gift to a person who will appreciate it.