Help! My daughter Broke Her Leg: What Equipment Will I Need at Home?

As a parent, nothing is more important than your child’s health, safety, and comfort. When your daughter is recovering from a painful injury, like a badly broken leg, you want to have whatever medical equipment she will need at home to restore her independence, while also maintaining her dignity and privacy.

It’s best to first consult with your child’s orthopedic specialist and her physical therapist regarding any specific equipment needs, since these are the two professionals who will primarily be managing your child’s rehabilitation plan. Nurses and medical assistants can also help to advise you on any specific physician protocols, such as:

• Weight-bearing restrictions
• Positioning precautions
• Recovery-time expectations

For example, if your daughter had surgery to repair her leg, you may need some extra wound care supplies, which Clinics Can Help can provide. If at first, she’s not allowed to put any weight on her foot, then she may need a manual wheelchair fitted to her precise height and weight with an elevated footrest.

A shower chair can help your daughter maintain her independence and privacy. An elevated toilet seat with handles (if she’s a taller teen or young adult) will help her maintain a safe position of healing, while improving her comfort in the bathroom.

As your daughter’s physical therapy progresses and she returns to walking, she’ll need several assistive devices at home to support her mobility. A walker, crutches, and eventually, a cane will allow him to move around with maximum safety and confidence.

If your daughter’s physician, therapist, or nurse has a specific medical equipment request for her case, have them contact us directly. We’ll be happy to look in our Lending Closet and let them know what precise donations we currently have in stock.

If it’s something Clinics Can Help does not already have in our warehouse, we’ll see if we can get it for you. Additionally, we may be able to secure whatever medical equipment you need, like an adaptive stroller or an electric wheelchair, with additional funding available specifically for pediatric patients with special needs through our KINDER Project.

From the day she returns home from the hospital until your child fully recovers from her injury, Clinics Can Help is here to help. Call us with any questions: 561-640-2995.