Other Ways to Give

Contact Us: Clinics Can Help

Development@ClinicsCanHelp.org and (561) 640-2995

Everyday Ways to Give

Whether it’s running errands or social media, give back just by completing your to-do list.

Wheels for Wheels

All sorts of wheels work for us: Trucks & Cars, Semi-Trucks & Trailers, Motorcyles & Scooters, Boats, Jetskis and Waterbikes, Buses & RV’s, Farm Equipment, Construction Vehicles, etc.
Call 855-500-RIDE or visit CarEasy.org.

Social Media

Become a friend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with us. Consider creating a fundraiser for Clinics Can Help on Facebook with an inspirational story. Share it with your friends and see how you can make a difference.

Host a Fundraiser

We can provide the tools and resources you need to create unique giving opportunities. Contact Jamie Walton at 561-640-2995 for more information.