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The Lending Closet is Here to Help You

Clinics Can Help (CCH) was founded as a 501(c)3 in 2005, with the vision of assuring that every person in Palm Beach County who needs medical equipment will get it.

"The process is simple," explained founder Owen O'Neill. "We collect used or surplus medical equipment and supplies and donate them to children and adults in need right here in Palm Beach County."

Originally, all equipment was picked up and delivered by Owen; but in 2009, CCH received the donation of office and warehouse space in West Palm Beach from AW Properties. "Having our own space has made an incredible difference in our ability to collect and donate DME effectively," Owen explained "and now, with a central location, anyone can easily pick up medical equipment that they need or drop off donations of medical equipment."

People are referred to CCH from all over Palm Beach County. While most peoples are referred by doctors, case managers or other medical or social service agencies, CCH has expanded its work to helping anyone in need of DME in Palm Beach County.

The process has worked well. In 2011, CCH donated over 276 wheelchairs, 81 hospital beds, 402 walkers, 94 oxygen concentrators, and many other forms of DME to over 600 residents in need in the County.

Now that CCH has expanded its hours, these numbers are expected to double in 2012.

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